Navaras Food Products Pvt Ltd

Polakala, Pattoor (Andhra Pradesh)
CHITOOR - 517 130. Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Phone: (08573)285032, 288331

Navaras Food Plant

Our plant is equipped to process fruit pulps & concentrates with Aseptic Packaging facility.

Navaras Food has an extensive network of manufacturing units across multiple locations to ensure quality and freshness of the finished products. The company has well equipped canning units handling the company's enitre production of fruit pulp. The pride of Navaras Food's manufacturing capabilities is at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, which utilies the latest, international technologies for processing. This subsidiary company is equipped with 2 canning units and 1 aseptic unit. The plant have a production capacity of 16T of pulp per hour.